Easy way to transfer all presets when upgrading to 7.5?

Is there an easy way to transfer all presets (key commands, templates, “Recent Projects”, Zoom settings, mixer views, Devices, etc, etc, etc, etc) when upgrading to C7.5. I’m just sick of having to do this manually for each individual setting every time I upgrade…

I have a full on week of recordings and bought 7.5 because of the new “take” feature, but I don’t have time or energy to set it all up right now.

All help appreciated!

a one week session without even trying c7.5 first …lol ooohhh dear .

Well i must of ben one of the lucky ones as when 7.5 installed it used all the user preferences from c7 , have you installed yet ?

I’ve installed 7.5 but the presets aren’t working so still using C7 until I get the presets working. Same thing happened when I went from C6 to C7 - I had to manually find and load all the preset files…

With regards to trying it first … I figured a 0.5 upgrade shouldn’t cause me any problems. For big upgrades I usually wait a few months at least until people stop complaining on the forums! Thankfully, in over ten years of upgrades I’ve never had any major issues.

Hey chony,

Each version of Cubase has it’s own set of folders & files for these things.

What I did was locate the new files for Cubase 7.5 first and renamed the folders that I wanted to import my settings into so they’d be noticeably different.

For example: Key Commands - I renamed to ‘Key Commands-Default New Install’, and did the same for a few other files.
[You could even just put ‘Key Commands-7.5 Default’ - or something.]

Then, I went to the ones that were in the Cubase 7 file folders and copied & pasted them into the same folders I just mentioned above for 7.5 - and that worked. You’ll then see both file versions in there which are xml files.

Just be sure to rename the new 7.5 ones first to something that you’ll easily spot in case you want to revert back to them instead.

Then just rename them back to the original names, or leave them & simply modify your preferences, etc.

The default path to do this is:

Start Menu\Computer\Users\Computer Name\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 7 [& Cubase 7.5].

You can find the ‘Computer Name’ in Control Panel\System.