EBU Loudness Range Values

I like the new EBU loudness meter. However, what I am missing is target values to mix against.

I am looking for examples of Loudness Range values for various music styles, and I also need some advice on how to actually interpret the Loudness Range value of my mixes. This is very new to me. All I find on the Internet is descritpive Information of the new EBU recommendations, but no practical guidelines at all.

Any input appreciated. Thank you!

Regards, Mikael

I would also find this extremely helpful. Haven’t found much on the web myself.

One of the Steinberg videos on Youtube goes into this in a lot of detail

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf7QZnh4OLM&list=SPcZ1vtdmuI2 MaEzGKLiQxwiXFpawTKm6B


Also don’t know how EBU is now for, for example - dance music ? I allways try to reach -9dB of RMS of digital scale. But if there is new standard for radio/TV/CD/(mp3 ?) loudness level, I wonder where can I find that information ?

EBU 128 R is the same for all: Target level: -23 LUFs±1LU. Max level -1dB True peak

It´s not a standard, it´s a recommendation. And you can find more than enough info via google

Thanks for reply.

R128 is a mandatory specification in Audio Post production for TV Broadcast.
AFAIK, there are no guidelines, recommendations or any other form of “spec” when it comes to music production.
The main goal of R128 is to “level out” the loudness of commercials and other boradcast content.