EBU R128 Loudness Recommendation

Thanks for the hints Neil and Jean, I will check out both.

I’m a big fan of PPMulator- highly recommended.

Full disclosure, I beta tested for it because I really needed a R128 meter and Z-plane did a great job with it.

Hi Phillipe,

it would be great if WL could offer something like this:


At the moment tools for file based R 128 loudness management softwares are rare and rather expensive.


it would be great if WL could offer something like this

Oh yes, I fully support this request !!!


Then top marks on a good job well done.
I use this all the time now, especially in 5.1 mixes.

I think it is time again to ask “Are there any plans to include the new loudness metering developments from the EBU R128 Loudness Recommendation into Wavelab?”

Since Philippe answered some month ago “This is a topic under consideration, yes.” we still are hoping for an integration of EBU R128 into Wavelab.

I just read in the nuendo forum:

R128 metering is on schedule for Nuendo 6, fully integrated with extensive metering functions and possibilities to switch between various measurement methods. We may be able to even release an intermediate solution before Nuendo 6 hits the market in order to provide support to those who already need to deliver in R128-compliant norm

by TimoWildenhain 04 Apr 2012 11:43

Philippe, could you give us some update on this subject as far as WaveLab is concerned?
Will Normalizing according to EBU R128 be possible?

Best regards

This will be part of next version.

Thank you Philippe for the quick reply!

This will be part of next version.

7.3 or 8 ?


8 (no 7.3 planned)

ok 8!

Since this doesn’t seem to be tomorrow,
I think it is appropriate to start a discussion and wishlist in this thread about how and what to implement concerning
EBU R128 for WaveLab 8!


Too late, users that need to deliver according to R128 need the tools/meters now, other users will not look at this and will not need to spend money on the feature.


I need it now.
Is there a good one available for free?

I don’t know; but presumably you pay for essential tools when necessary? I find PPMulatorXL does a good job (includes standalone and plugin versions) for a not excessive cost.


This also looks fine for only 10 ,- EUR : http://www.toneboosters.com/tb-ebuloudness/
and this one: http://www.toneboosters.com/tb-barricade/ for 15,- EUR
and another one for free: http://www.orban.com/meter/
oh yeah, and this one also for free: https://www.audiocation.de/plugin

… and if you need any batch processing of audio files, you may consider R128GAIN: http://r128gain.sourceforge.net/
writing EBU R128 parameters into metatags,
also for free !

Best regards

free, free, free…

I don’t mind paying reasonable prices for software.
I can’t afford to run all my mixes through an (early stage of development) freeware that does “something” to my mixes I cannot control. I also don’t have the time to listen to all mixes again after running them through this freeware to verify that the audio quality is still ok and the software hasn’t done any harm.
One seriously screwed up mix would make the broadcaster very unhappy.
Also I don’t want to open parallels desktop for every audio mixdown I create. (since it’s pc only)

We’ve now invested in Nugen Audios LMB and realtime metering in most studios I work in. I am only reporting what I have experienced in the last weeks.
R 128 was a big thing that could have sold a couple of updates both for Nuendo and WL, now everybody I know has solved the problem, because mixes for september are being done NOW. (at least in some cases)


We’ve now invested in > Nugen Audios LMB > and realtime metering in most studios I work in. I am only reporting what I have experienced in the last weeks.

Congratulations, this is a good investment, although a little bit expensive!

Best regards

For all the users in Austria: There is a seminar about EBU R128 in Vienna.
More Infos (in german) here: http://www.filmandmusicaustria.at/fileadmin/dateien/Lautheit.pdf

Now Steinberg have released a free R128 meter:
Free SLM 128 plug-in available
… but guess what? It doesn’t work in WL7 :astonished:

Really? I just downloaded it, but haven’t had time to test it - it works in Cubase but not in Wavelab? That’s kinda backwards, I daresay.