I really think Steinberg should be on this list:

Good point.


Are there plans for offline loudness normalization in N6?
Incredibly useful tool.
Like the offline peak normalization command but for loudness - not the loudness lane concept (which looks great, too).

In PT you’ve got the €140+VAT audiosuite plug-in from Grimm, but that’s for PT only.
Would be great to have this functionality integrated since N6 is getting all the other EBU128 features.

A normalisation tool is a “let’s try to fix this without remixing”-tool.
I.e. it simply brings down the overall volume of the mix, so it “fits” the EBU 128 specs.
This kind of tool is not something that can be used during the mixing process.
It is actually the same procedure as lowering the master fader with x-dB, so it drops to -23 LUFS.

There is no such a (batch) tool in Nuendo 6, however Nuendo 6 allows you to calculate the loudness faster than real time, thereby preventing the user to listen to the complete mix after making adjustments. (AFAIK, this is a unique feature which only Steinberg has)

In a way, you can mimic the funcytionality of the Grimm tool.
Lower the master fader / re-calcutate => done.


That’s certainly true, and not what I was referring to; loudness normalization has many other uses.
For example, in many cases you can save a lot of time by selecting a bunch of clips recorded at varying levels (or samples you’ve brought into the session from libraries X-Y-Z) and batch normalize their loudness so you have a leveled terrain to start working on.
Another scenario is when you’re sending tracks out for analog processing, in which case there’s a tighter gain staging range (compared to digital) that needs to be preserved. You’d be looking at RMS values for your calibration here but LU acts as a great link/balance between signal power and perceived loudness.
The only available offline option in Nuendo right now is peak normalization, which is mostly irrelevant.

OK, I see … you are talking music.
EBU R128 has been created for matching delivery standards and specs within the Audio Post Production world.
I.e. Broadcasting of TV commercials and TV content.

In also think that you misunderstand the normalizing tools, and the R128 spec. There is no processing involved other than gain adjustment of the complete file. Loudness values are values measured over the complete program material. So the measurement of a sample of 1 second versus a 30 sec commercial, vs. a 100min TV movie will never corrolate and will produce unusable data and/or information.

No doubt that there is a use to be found in non-broadcast Music and other audio production, but I can’t see it for the moment.


There are quite a few file based tools out there now (Grimm, Nugen, Penguin).
I really like the Nugen LMB best, because it’s fast, nice to handle (drag and drop, watched folder) and also offers to print out statistics with a volume graph.
AFAIK Wavelab 8 will have file based r128 as well.


I agree with ‘k’, it’d be a good addition to the software. I can absolutely see the usefulness of being able to batch normalize loudness even pre-mix. One could basically do it to all the recorded dialog for example and then be well in the ballpark from the get go. Would be very useful.

Thanks for all the replies.
Fredo, thanks for your participation here.
Let me clarify that I’m neither talking about music nor misunderstanding the EBU R128.

Audio clips can be normalized offline based on the loudness measurement provided by this toolset, and this has many more useful applications than peak normalization ever had (if any).
What Lydiot described is perfectly in line with my first example above, and like Oliver.Lucas said, there’s already stand-alone software doing offline loudness normalization for good reason.

Having this function within the DAW is very convenient, which is why AVID’s already have it (be it in the form of a 3rd party audiosuite).