Echo Audiofire 12 Problems


im running Cubase 6 Elements (32bit) with an Echo Audiofire 12. I have tried it with the newest Echo Drivers (5.7)
but it won´t work. I get no sound, no activity on the meters (master and on each track) cubase gets realy slow after activating Echo ASIO and the Latency show around 27ms in and around 50ms for output. Same Latency with DirectX ASIO but then the Interface works without problems and Cubase runs much better. ASIO4ALL wont work either…
System is Windows 7 64bit. I hope you have any tips for me. Tried the Tips from the echo website but nothing worked.


Download Reaper & see if it works there so you know if it’s Cubase specific.

Maybe try an older driver?

Wierd thing. Got the problem solved but i dont know how. After posting here this evening i uninstalled the driver for the zillionst time and started toontrack solo. I thought i could use it with the mme drivers (i never used asio in there so @grim: maybe it wasn´t cubase specific) but it dont work because the driver for my interfaces were missing. So i reinstalled the latest driver for the zillionst time again and started toontrack solo switched to echo asio and jammed a while. everyting fine! Then i tried cubase and voila echo ASIO works without problems. Cubase runs smooth. Latency is 5ms in and 10ms out. Hope it stays like that cause i dont know what if done beside installing the drivers over and over again…

Thanks for the Help and i will post if i find out what caused the problem.

Maybe i celebrated too soon. Playback is working now even after a reboot but latency is up again. Today i tried recording. Went really bad lots of drop outs and very bad sound. I dont know if its a cubase issue cause other asio programms like my Tootrack are running fine now. If i just audition the inputs on my echo Firewire Console they have no hearable latency no drop outs and good quality but if i just listen to the inputs in cubase its awfull.

I dont know what to do. I have nothing but trouble with this interface i own an old m audio delta 44 wich works without problems. Even in the same system it has much better latency and no problems…

Make sure your IEEE1394 chipset is Texas Instrument.

Change firewire driver to legacy in device manager.