eDAFX 2020 - conference, Sept 9 - 11

Hello Robin - will you be taking an interest in any of the presentations going on at the above this year…? With the current world situation, its all free and online this time… The one headed “Flexible Framework for Audio Restoration” in session 3 on Wed 9th looks interesting - maybe there’s some potential for SL… Whatever, could be an interesting talk… :wink:

Conference programme here:-

Interesting, though quite deep paper based conferences.

Perhaps Friday Sept 11th morning;
by Yuta Kusaka, Katsutoshi Itoyama, Kenji Nishida and Kazuhiro Nakadai

“This paper describes a new onset-informed source separation method based on non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) with binary masks. Many previous approaches to separate a target instrument sound from polyphonic music have used side-information of the target that is time-consuming to prepare. The proposed method leverages the onsets of the target instrument sound to facilitate separation. Onsets are useful information that users can easily generate by tapping while listening to the target in music. To utilize onsets in NMF-based sound source separation, we introduce binary masks that represent on/off states of the target sound. Binary masks are formulated as Markov chains based on continuity of musical instrument sound. Owing to the binary masks, onsets can be handled as a time frame in which the binary masks change from off to on state. The proposed model is inferred by Gibbs sampling, in which the target sound source can be sampled efficiently by using its onsets. We conducted experiments to separate the target melody instrument from recorded polyphonic music. Separation results showed about 2 to 10 dB improvement in target source to residual noise ratio compared to the polyphonic sound. When some onsets were missed or deviated, the method is still effective for target sound source separation.”

*There is a video? sign next to its title…

Yeah, certainly some heavy reading… :wink:

There’s video associated with the presentations, available after the whole conference is finished (click on the camera icon); there’s also some live-streaming via a YouTube link under the ‘Venue’ heading. Don’t think this will be of much value, but might serve to give some flavour of the event/personalities involved…

Some pretty ‘meaty’ technical content, that goes way over my head - but I appreciate (some of) the goals and solutions being discussed. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up!