Eddie Money Tickets :)

Cool! :sunglasses:

I’m going to see Todd Rundgren in september.
He’ll be playing in Amsterdam with the Metropole Orchestra.
Sounds like a great combination! :sunglasses:

Have fun at the concert, Steve!

He’s also playing up here this summer, at Mattawa’s Voyageur Days festival… looking forward to that!


Friday Night Line-up…

7:00pm… Diane Chase;
8:15pm… Jason McCoy and
10:00pm… Emerson Drive

Saturday Night Line-up…

12:00pm…Kim Mitchell
2:00pm… Bad Company former lead singer Brian Howe
4:00pm… Trooper
7:30pm… Aldo Nova
9:30pm… Cheap Trick

Sunday Night Line-up…

Eddie Money

Still waiting to hear some of your stuff, Steve. :slight_smile:

Don’t you think it’s possible that Eddie Money could have been the one who actually lost out by his no-show on ‘that day?’ :ugeek:

The first song I recorded in Cubase when I started doing audio as well (in SX3, 6 years ago) was a cover of “Can We Still Be Friends” (Todd’s version, but I also used bits of Robert Palmer’s version).
It was the first time I worked with multiple vocals and saxes, great fun! :sunglasses:
I never really finished it though, it probably was a bit ambitious at the time…

Kim Mitchell = Max Webster
I don’t follow country, so cant help you with the Friday crowd… They’ve had some big names over the years in that Genre, none of them seem to stand out this year… probably A-circuit Canadians.

…'bout yer song