Edirol Orchestral with Cubase Pro 10.5

Warm greetings and a Happy New Year to everyone ! I was using Edirol Orchestral Vst with my Cubase 5 , and it worked perfectly, but it was many years ago. Now I am working with Cubase Pro 10.5. Windows 10 - 64 bit. Is it possible to use Edirol Orchestral ( which is for 32 bit ) with Cubase pro 10.5? I visited lot’s of forums and everyone is talking about the problem using Edirol Orchestral on 64 bit and modern software. Any solutions for this? I need to use Edirol orchestral Vst with Cubase Pro 10.5 very much. Thank you for help in advance .

Jbridge is a 3rd party program that bridges 32bit plugins into Cubase. I use it for virtual guitar 2. I can’t guarantee it will work with your vst but you can visit the website and message Jaoa. He always answers promptly.

Thank you so much for quick and helpful response. I will visit the website and hope it will help ! All the best .

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Were you able to install the program under Win10?

I had difficulties installing the Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas on my Win10 system at that time…