EDIROL PCR-1 - can't get to work 7.5?

Hi Guys- (Sorry if i’ve posted in wrong section) i just today brought 7.5 on my iMac, can’t seem to get Cubase to find the Keyboard, not too sure if it works so I’m hoping you guys can help me! have been through the youtube guides can seem to crack it?

That keyboard might need drivers, did you check?

Yeah have Downloaded, also uninstalled and Downloaded again just to double check… its not even recognising the keyboard at all…:S

That’s a pretty old (2009) driver. If it is not showing up in Audio MIDI Setup it might be too old for your current system.

yeah - i did actually think that… okay well still no luck so i’d guess thats the problem…shamee

Yeah, that looks like a nice little desktop keyboard. Have you tried any other Roland drivers? Who knows maybe you could get the midi side of it working…

haven’t tried any other drivers, not many to choose from, shall try it now tho… just about to purchase Roland PC-180. reviews say works with cubase… can anyone vouch before i buy?

Are the reviews five years old? :wink: