Edirol UA25EX & Cubase 5 - high pitched noise from monitors

I have successfully installed Edirol UA-25EX interface running with Cubase5 on my PC, but consistently get a high pitched noise from my monitors when i access Cubase (NOT when Cubase is off). This is with Direct Monitoring turned on OR off (default setting with the interface is on). Having closely and carefully followed the instruction set up and ensured all settings on the interface are correct, everything seems to have been set up fine and works fine except this high pitched hum which is very frustrating. Can anybody kindly suggest what the problem might be and indeed how to get rid of this high pitched hum ? i assume it is not a latency issue as there is no delay involved in the sound. many thanks for any help.

Hi, I am having exactly the same problem.
I’m using UA25EX with 64 bit drivers, it’s fine when playing back audio through Media Player but as soon as I start Cubase 5 (32 bit) I get a high pitched digital noise. It doesn’t seem to record this noise but it makes monitoring a pain at volume. It doesn’t seem to show up on headphones although I don’t have them at ear splitting volumes!
Computer is an ACER i3 and I have a UAD Solo in one of the PCI Express slots, that’s all. Monitoring is Cyrus HiFi system and screen is Sony HDTV.
The thing is that the onboard sound on my ASUS notebook is less noisy through the same system!
I bought it at DV and I think they will exchange it if I can’t get it sorted but it does just what I want apart from the noise!
This weekend I will try different USB cables and Windows MME driver as I suspect it’s to do with the ASIO driver…
Hope this adds something and maybe someone knows the solution.

I had this problem until I got proper BALANCED cables for the outputs.

Basically each output needed a STEREO jack (TRS - Tip - ring -sleeve).

So in my case, I needed 2x stereo to XLR leads because my monitors use XLR inputs.

A stereo jack gives you balanced mono on that output

Balanced vs Unbalanced shouldn’t make a huge difference unless you have long cables and/or are running them alongside AC powerleads.