Edit a note pitch by dragging

Is it currently possible to edit a note pitch in Dorico by clicking and dragging the note to the desired pitch on the staff?

If not, is this a planned feature?


Welcome to the forum, Randy.
Please see Notes mouse (no keyboard) - #18 by dspreadbury and do read down the thread.

Thank you! I hope this feature can be added.

I certainly hope not.

Would be way to easy to introduce errors while panning around the score.


Perhaps there could be a software preference switch to turn off the feature for those who don’t like it. I’ve used Sibelius for many years (which has this feature) and never had an issue accidentally dragging notes… I will continue to try hard to get used to the way Dorico currently does it, but currently I would be significantly more productive with drag-to-pitch as an option.

We do anticipate adding this feature at some point in the future, certainly, though it’s not something we are currently working on, and we would also certainly include a preference to enable or disable it.