Edit audio profanity

Hello guys I’m newbie to wavelab elements 7. I have many audio files that have profanity (dirty version)
that i would like to edit/scratches it out/ or blur it out. How do i edit these audio files in wavelab elements 7?

This audio, is it narration or music with vocals or rap? That would make a difference in how to approach things.

Thanks for reply Arjan P. Its audio rap.

So it is music with rap, I assume - the point is, if there is just the human voice, things are much easier then if it’s a finished mix with low beats and high cymbals, so to speak. You could try to obscure the profanity by copying parts of the same track over it, but that’s quite tedious. You could also reverse the particular words, but this is ofcourse much more noticeable, since the music will also be reversed for that short period. Another option is to add/mix a tone over the words.