Edit Audio Volume


Is there a way where you can edit audio volume to a single audio clip similat to that in ableton where you can drag up and down multiple volume automation points?

Hello Gilera,

yes you can do it woth automation, but perhaps it is for you much faster to change the volume in the clip itselve.

Select the clip and you will see at the top middle a little cube. With this you can change the volume of that clip



hi chris and thanks for your reply,

I know about that “little cube” :slight_smile: but i would like to edit the clip more in detail…similar to that in ableton (altough i hate mentioning ableton haha) but anyway…yeah - i would like to tweak multiple volume changes in just one clip mostly to mute stuff out from the particular clip.

Do you get me ?

If when in the clip you select the pencil tool you can add more blobs and edit them.

yeah but that quite sucks coz you have to zoom in to a resoltuion which is less than 1 :cry: can’t really see whats going on with the whole clip


When you want to mute certain stuff, you could cut them with the scissor tool and mute that parts.



or simply spend 10 secs with the pencil with the “write” automation button enabled… open the automation lane below the audio track.and click away… but make sure you have your quantise setting to something appropriate. 32th/64th so you can put a breakpoint where you need it.

but as chris mentioned that could be your “quickest” but not the most powerful or best way…(you can get cuts that pop if you dont use the Zero xing feature for example)…learn about the slice feature in the audio part editor …dbl click the audio part…using the panel inspector raise the slider until all the hitpoints you need for the part are detected.then slice up , then hit dissolve…Then you have much more control in Cubase when it comes to slice editing / Muting individual slices, turning them to Midi / creating a groove preset .blah blah. this list is rather large…etc…

Slice to midi in ableton (I h8 mentioning ableton…lol) is a complete joke navigation wise…Once you know what Cubase can do…Ableton is a nice sketchpad TOY! suitable for Laptop producers who havent ever been in a studio…& I defy anyone who thinks different to my dying breath!. :laughing: Wohhahahahah!. (sidenote)…take your time …learn about the audio editor & the features within the audio editor…you wont look back.


thanks for the suggestions buddy…will twizzle my way around them ! BOOM !