Edit audio window issue

When editing in the lower zone, I like to use the play function where you click on the waveform anywhere and it plays from where your cursor is.
I am getting major issues in that the audio does not play from the same point each time I click in the same place. If I go an obvious peak and click it does not play exactly from where I am clicking.And each time I click in the same place the audio will play from a different point.
Is this a known issue?
I am on 9.5.30

Is “snap” activated? If so, your cursor will snap to whatever the snap type is set to.

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Makes no difference. And it does not snap using this function when you hover over the waveform.

Can someone do a quick test and verify?
Bring an audio file with lots of peaks into the lower zone.
Clik on the “play” (speaker) button and click in different spots on the wave and see if it plays exactly where you’re clicking.
This would be much appreciated.

Yes that is a known issue I have complained about for some time now.
I actually don’t know when this issue first started, could be several versions ago.

A friend of mine using 9.5 on Win 10 is not having the issue.

Some times I can click using the Play tool, 5 or 10 times without issues.
Then it suddenly play from a different position, but always visually shows the cursor playing from the same position.
Other time on first click, it would play from a random position.
I have tested with all kind of variables, file format, bit depths, snap points and I can always reproduce it.
I haven’t tested C9.5.40 but I would expect it to be listed as a fixed issue if it was.
Martin told me that it already was reported and on the list for future fixes.

Have you tried putting Cubase back to factory default?
This is what support told me to try.
But you are describing the issue exactly as I get it.

Yes I have, there is nothing we can do on our end, other than wait for a fix.
I don’t think it is very high on the list, most users would not know about this issue if they don’t use the play tool that often.