Edit: Automation Issue NOT Back up Project issue and resolve

I’ll mention this in case anyone else experiences this issue.

Open Cubase 8.5 project. Back up project. Close project.
Open Back up of the Project. Press play and all tracks in READ automation mode are silent incl Master Bus.
Turn off READ on Group or Master and it is still silent until I moved the fader - now audio plays back. Turn READ back on and NO Audio.

Fix (although I have no idea if this was truly the fix):
I deleted the “defective” back up.
Open Original Project and let it play for a minute.
Back up project.
Open back up and all is fine.


I would say this is another example of the “automation and no sound” bug, which is discussed here on the forum time to time. This will hopefuly be fixed with the next Cubase update.

You are correct. This issue has occurred again when I opened a project today that I worked on yesterday. I turned off read on the Master Bus and audio was audible. Turn read back on and no audio. Close without saving. Reopen and audio works. I have never had this problem until recently (8.5) but as you pointed out, it has been an issue for some for sometime.