Edit Chanel: Any Target possible in Stero In from Hardware

Hi ALl,
Cubase 8 + RME FireFace 802 + Win 10
NEWBIE of connect external HW to Cubase,
everythink looks ok, midi go, any problem reported from the DAW and HW and the plugged expanders make sounds :wink:
I need to mix 8 RME analog channel in the cubase master BUT:
in the Channel Setting is impossible to assign a target (in my case I need to target on master to mix all)
if I arm L (listen) I listen, but only in monitor and nothin’ go mixed in master…
any suggestion ?
always thanks

Cubase Pro 8 is not officially supported for Windows 10 yet: http://www.steinberg.net/en/newsandevents/news/newsdetail/article/compatibility-of-steinberg-products-with-windows-10-3291.html

I would suggest going to Devices, VST Connections, Outputs, and setting up the possible outputs to the RME. You will also need to setup the RME DSP mixer to route the signals to the desired physical outputs.