Edit Channel. Example of bad GUI.

  1. The buttons on the insert slots are terrible. They are not clear what happens when you click it. And its flickering on small hovering is a bit annoying.

  2. The bypass-enabled turns YELLOW in the plugin window, but WHITE in the Edit window.

  3. The “e”-edit button has the weird “comic” -font in the project window and in the insert slots, but the mixer has the normal “E” which opens the exact same window.

  4. And what is one of the most common windows to open and close thousands of times, well of course the vst-instrument plugin interfaces.
    Well, does they have their own button in the mixer (the little keyboard), no the keyboardicon is removed, you should press alt and left click on the “E”.
    This is laughable. Lots of vodka must have went into that design change!

  5. And the mixer makes it hard to actually get a quick overview of the enabled buttons. They button layout should not be clustered. And the mixer wastes valuable space.
    Cubase mixer to the left. My suggestion layout to the right: