Edit Channel Settings button not lit

In previous versions of Cubase, if I clicked on the Edit Channel Settings button in the Track List and added some EQ or inserted an effect, then exited the editor, the Edit button (e) in the Track List would stay lit…indicating that the editor for that track was in use. However in C8 Pro, when I exit the editor, the button no longer remains lit, so it’s difficult to see which tracks have edited channel settings. This is probably something so simple, but I can’t find where to reverse this new behavior. I did look in Track Control settings, and Edit Channel Settings has been added (obviously). I would like the button to stay lit when editing has been done. Strangely, the Read button stays lit when automation is in use, so why doesn’t the edit button when editing has been added? Any idea how to fix this??

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Unless I’m misunderstanding you, which is possible, I don’t recall the behaviour you’re outlining and can’t reproduce it in Cubase 6 either.

As far as I can see the “e” stays lit only while you have the editor open and again this seems to be the same in Cubase 6.

Many thanks for your reply. It’s been a long time since I used C6, and am going from memory here, but I seem to recall that it did stay lit. But I also admit I could be wrong. :slight_smile: In any case fortunately the EQ and Insert buttons do stay lit after working in the editor, so for now, I’ll use them as indicators that editing is in effect. Cheers.