Edit Channel Settings window not opening

I’m running Cubase 6.5.4 and the Edit Channel Settings window is not opening when i press the ‘e’ button. has anybody got any ideas?

It may well be opening off screen.

I’ve thought about that and checked behind the arrange window and on my second monitor but it doesn’t show up anywhere. The ‘e’ button lights up blue as thought the channel edit window is open I just can’t find it. It’s a really pain and really slows me down when I’m mixing. Not sure what else to try :frowning:

I mean actually off the screen, do you have scroll bars appear? another way to check would be to change the screen resolution temporarily

Or try google, I found this little app> http://sheepdog.codeplex.com/
Maybe help?

Cheers for the advice but still no joy unfortunately. I’ve tried changing the resolution and the sheepdog app but its still not appearing on either monitor. Other plugins are opening on my second monitor just not the edit channel window. I’ve had a look on google but all the advice there is about restoring running programs from a disconnected monitor, not windows that open up within a program.

It’s back cheers for your help. It had moved right of the visible area on my monitor and I had noticed the move bar at the bottom of the page had a big gap at the end of it so I moved it over and there it was. What a numpty :slight_smile:

Thats what I said initially :confused:

Hi joined the forum today. Just spent half an hour with the same issue. It occurred after I took the plunge and switched to 64 bit from 32 after some years now umming and aahing. I’ve been holding my breath for problems but thankfully the only glitch has been disappearing windows when I reloaded my first project in the 64 bit environment. I’m also spread over two monitors and the missing windows somehow re-positioned themselves off screen spontaneously. Anyhow all is well now.

Thank heavens for experts.