Edit Channel settings

Dear developers, it was convenient in previous versions - when switching the strip post \ prefader, the panel changed its place. And it was immediately obvious - when post, when pre-fader. Return back please !!!

The color of the sends is confused by default. Also different from the previous version, also not convenient!!! of course I can change manually. But why do you change what people are used to ??? !!!

When you open the editor in the bottom zone - the cursor disappears sometimes!!!

And terribly I do not like that support for 32bit plugins disappeared!

Direct Offline Processing is good! But it creates a lot of files in the project edits folder. What takes place on the hard drive. Add to this option the apply (render) of the entire chain of processing to the file, as it was in previous versions!

Please read the very first sticky post: Only one feature request per thread. That will help ensure that it gets seen and considered.