Edit Chord Symbol Component/Missing Font

I opened Engraving OptionsChord SymbolsEdit Project Default Appearances, entered C^7, double clicked the chord suffix (in my case “MA”) to open the Edit Chord Symbol Component dialog. I want to change the suffix to a different font. Under Glyph I select the font I want, add the characters I want, click OK, Apply, and close the windows. Everything looks great in the score.

When I save, close, and reopen the project it says the replacement font I picked is not installed on my computer. This happens regardless of which font I choose. The font is obviously installed as I just used it before reopening the project. Setting a replacement family in the Missing Fonts popup also has no affect on the score. If I choose a different font to replace the “missing” font, it is not used when the project loads. The “missing” font is still used and appears to be fine.

Not sure if this is a bug or user error. Also, if there’s a better way to change the font used is the “MA” for major seventh chords, I’d like to hear how.

Thanks for reporting this. It is indeed a bug. I’ve spent a good portion of the day today looking into it and believe I now have a fix, so subject to the fix passing muster with our QA team, it will make its way into a future update (not this week’s minor update, I’m afraid, as it’s too late for that one).

Great to hear. I didn’t know there was an update planned for this week either so that’s a pleasant surprise as well. Thanks!