Edit/control plugins in cubase with faderport 16?

Hi there,
I am very basic at DAW in general having spent my life to date in notation apps - now Dorico. When using Cubase I can get the faders and pan going but having trouble understanding how to edit plugins using that feature in cubase. Is it possible? From a video I watched their own studio one seems to recognize all native plugins on a track when selected, but I’m not having the same result in Cubase. Any help here would wonderful. I do intend adding a dedicated midi controller sooner rather than later but wondered what I can do now with the FP16. Thank you so much!
David O’R

You can control plugins with the FP16, but it is too cumbersome (IMO and in many others opinions too) . I don’t use it for that. Aside from track volume, for controlling sends, specially when you automate several channels, it is very handy.

If you want to see it with plugins anyway, you can watch this video