Edit Effect from Send section in Inspector

When I add an FX Channel track and send some audio to that track, how do I open the plugin for editing?

I remember I was able to click “e” from the send section. But now in Cubase 8.5 I have to find the FX Channel track in the project and open it from the insert part. Is this not strange? Surely there should be a way to open the plugin from the send section of the track you are sending from.


In the Project window select the FX Track, and open Inserts tab in the Inspector (left side). Click to the plug-in to open the GUI of the plug-in.

Or open MixConsole [F3], and click to the plug-in name here.

Right click on the send slot

Alt-double-click works for me too.

Now, if there was only a button combination or a menu option to show the whole FX channel editor as well :slight_smile:


Ahh thanks guys. Knew there would have been a way. Cheers.