Edit events not selected in the key editor

Hello, when I double click on a track box in the project window, I have it configured to open key editor in a new window.
I would like to configure it so that the selected bars are opened in the key editor, but also that the previous and subsequent bars are shaded, so that I can move around the bars without having to select them in the project window. To be able to select and edit events of other next or previous bar in the key editor, without having to go to the project window.

I hope to have explained and forgive me for my English from Spain :-S


Not sure I fully understand what you are try to achieve.

It sounds like you might have a separate MIDI Part for each bar and you want to open and edit bar 20 but then without closing the Key Ed move on and edit bars 22 & 26. To do this first select all the MIDI Parts that you think you might want to edit then double-click to open them all in the Editor. Only one Part will be active in the Editor at any time. But if you click on another Part inside the Editor it will become the active one.

Yes, you have understood me correctly and thanks for the response.
I come from version 5 of cubase and I had it configured for me to open the unselected parts shaded in the key editor.
The solution you tell me I know it, but I would like to select new parts from the key editor.
There is no way to configure it in the cubase setup?


No, the Part(s) open in the Key Editor are always selected in the Project Window.

I think the In-Line editor might do what you want. But that’s not really the same thing as having it in its own window.

Thank you very much for the reply. It is rare that in old versions this was different. :astonished:


Try this: Activate “Show Part Borders” and see gif. (gif uses lower zone, but the function is identical in the windowed editor)

thanks @steve. In the *.gif that you share I see that you have selected the four boxes of events in the project track and you can you change from one to another.
My question is if you do not select the 4 event boxes. If you double click on one and then from the key editor you want to change to the next one.
I think it is not possible.

That’s correct. This is how Cubase works. You can experiment with the pref “Editor Content Follows Event Selection” to see if you can accommodate what you prefer.