"Edit Graphically" key command cancels item selections. [Feature Request]

I often use “Edit Graphically” key command (my setting is Control + 1). When I go from Write Mode to Graphic Editing Mode with this key command, all items selected in Write Mode will be canceled. It would be nice if Dorico would keep those selections after going Graphic Editing Mode via key command. Is it possible to behave so?

Nope. I’ve asked for it in the past, but it hasn’t (yet?) been implemented. Of course it’s totally fine if you switch to Engrave mode and the last Engrave sub mode you were in was Graphical Editing, but not if you’re using a shortcut directly to Graphical Editing mode.

I see. I hope this will be possible in future Dorico. Thanks for a reply.

Thanks for the feedback. I can confirm this is on our backlog to be implemented in a later version.

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I recently discovered a workaround for this. After going to Graphic Editing sub mode with Edit Graphically key command, press Cmd/Ctrl +Z(Undo). Then selection of selected items in write mode will be restored.