Edit Help

I originally imported a drum track as a single wav.in my project and did several edit cuts so I created a new drum track. Now after having recorded all the other instruments, I realized I needed to import originally the multi-tracks version of the drums especially for mixing the project, so I have got the multi-tracks now and imported them into Cubase project. The problem now lies in that I need to find out where I originally did the edit cuts and glued the edit points together on the original drum track wav.
How do I find them? Is there a way that Cubase keeps records of this in the pool? If I can find where I originally did the edit points then I will recreate them on my new multi-track drum wav. track so that then I can easily swap the drum track for the new multi-track drum. Is this something that is possible or have I totally ruined my project and need to start all over again?

I think that unless you saved multiple versions of your song along the way you will have a hard time.

As you probably know the undo list is lost when you close the project so the only other way is to make your own by incrementally saving using Ctrl, Alt, Shift.

If you still have all the drums with cuts in them and haven’t done a bounce audio you may be able to peel back the parts to give you an idea where each edit is in relation to the multi track drums.

How do I peel back the edits?

By grabbing the start or end of a part and sliding.