edit history window not closing

Hello everyone,

It’s my first time posting here so please be gentle if i have omitted a rule or so.

I use Cubase pro 10 for the past 6 months and am pretty happy so far (so many changes and upgrades, i used to work on Cubase 7 elements).

Back then, i used a key command (ctrl+F12) in order to open the edit history window as well as close it.
Now i have assigned the same key command and it opens fine but does not close by pressing the same key command.

Any thoughts or ideas?

If the focus is on that window you can use the general shortcut to close windows (CMD+W on Mac, what is for win, CTRL+W?)

Yes that is true, if the focus is on that window you can close it via CTRL+W (this applies to every window that is focused).
What i need, and used successfully back on the Cubase 7, is a shortcut/key command that will open the history window and close it regardless on what window i am working with.
That doesn’t seem to work on Cubase pro 10 (and 10.5 respectively)

There is no other way to close the History Window other than the Windows function mentioned above which is really not desirable since it requires focus. I have requested a “close History” key command for years. Unfortunately such a simple function, due to the way that and other certain windows operate, is not “simple” at all to create.

I do not disagree on anything you say.
What i am mentioning is that, on previous versions (like Cubase 7), one could assign a key command on the history window and the same key command that opened the window could close it as well regardless if the window was active.
I know that because i was using this method.
Therefore, this option existed and was removed or buged on Cubase 10.