Edit history

Apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

An Edit History would be very useful, not least because of the great detail available through Edit > Undo.

As a side issue, is there a source which documents exactly which edits/selections etc are added to the Undo History?

The short answer to both is: not currently but we hope to in the future

It would also be great if the Undo menu item were more descriptive: Undo Add Note, Undo Delete Text, Undo Move Dynamic, etc., whatever the last action was.

In addition to this, it would be very useful to have a commented versioning capability

  1. this was the first version from three months just before the first reading
  2. this was from last month after changes suggested by X
  3. next version with adjustments for viola
  4. etc

You can sort of do this with flows - provided your piece has only one flow. Otherwise, only other option I can think of is to use dated backup files.

Re Undo: That’s what I meant. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as just listing the sequence of commands as the Undo history and command history are almost-but-not-quite the same thing.

Re versioning: we do want to look at workflow more generally in the future, of which versioning is one aspect (but there’s also dealing with workflows involving multiple contributors that we’ve got interesting ideas about…)

In the meantime, if you need this functionality (and have a sense of adventure) I can recommend using a version control system such as Git, as this is so much better than manual renaming. It also gives you a means of backing up your work, keeping an annotated version history and can help if you’re transferring work between two machines. The SourceTree client is great on both platforms. I just it for all my own test scores.

I have been adding v1, v1.2,v1.4, v1.42, etc. to my saved files names. Got the idea from the Steinberg updates years back. Unfortunately they are not as descriptive as “adjustments for viola” but it’s quick and I have an extremely simple formula for recording changes… if I like it better than the previous one…it gets the next number. The legend however, i.e x.xx, the hundredths section is subjectively , my thinking of its advancement towards my end goal. The higher the number…the bigger step is was. If I ever get to v4, it must be a big hit :unamused:

Trust me, my wife thinks I’m crazy too. My 2 cents

I’ve never done anything with file versions except appending the date to the file name (preferably in the format yymmdd). When files get sent back and forth between team workers, being able to cross-reference email threads and files often years later can be invaluable.

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