Edit ID3 Tag should be saved with each project

I often use Cubase to do some mastering touch up on my CD collection of music. Unfortunately, when I Export the remastered version to MP3 for playback on my iPod, the ID3 Tag information doesn’t get saved with the .cpr file and I have to re-type in all the ID3 Tag field by hand. The other “Export Audio” parameters are saved with in the .cpr file. Why not include the ID3 Tag parameters as well. Thanks for considering this enhancement.

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+1 yep.

Yes, fix this. It drives me insane.

+1 please!!!

+1 no brainer really …

Give me!

+1 for me
+1 for the other member in my band.

This drives us nuts. Especially me, working on multiple band projects. Having to retype the band name everytime I render out is frustrating and time wasting.

I’d like to see this stored at project level and therefore available to all formats that need them, like mp3 and flac.

Could even include artwork.

But we need something a little more sophisticated that what we’ve got now. Having to type things out every time makes life so much harder than it needs to be.

+100 how hard is this anyway :confused:

You’re not gonna like this, but one solution: Get Wavelab. Boy is it -great- at this sort of thing. And I only mention it not to obstruct yer request, but to suggest that Cubase can’t be all things to all people. SB has a right to have separate product lines: Cubase for production, Nuendo for Post, Wavelab for Mastering. You mentioned ‘mastering’ so that’s why I chimed in. You might find it better to use a program like WL to do all your mastering work.

May all your wishes be granted!

Not very but they’re far too busy faffing about making wholly unnecessary changes to the forum… :unamused:

NOT a solution at all.
I have Wavelab… but when I am mixing in Cubase, I very frequently want to rip off an Mp3 version to send to people to check changes. Exporting to Wavelab for this is 4 extra steps to try and save 1 step.
Does it MATTER if the tags are whatever I was working on LAST is? Well… it’s sloppy as shiz, so yes.
Should I just leave them blank? Probably. But that gets confusing if people are up on their phones and its “(untitled) by (untitled)”. So suboptimal.

Luckily… I am so used to it I just remember.
But this is a bug, it should be addressed. The title of the FILE is saved with the .cpr… the mp3 tags should also be saved. I defy anyone to show me a workflow where mp3 tags are independent of projects, and warrant global persistence.


+1 Yes!


+1 cubase 9.5.3 still not resolved


Like… pretty much every day I run into this bug.

At this point, it doesn’t even mess with my workflow. It goes like this:

_me: Oh… I think I am done fooling around with this song… I should put an mp3 copy up for the {band to hear, the composer to make sure I got it right, to listen to somewhere else, etc, whatever reason}

STEP 1: press “MixDown” on my control surface
…glance at the settings… good same as last time… mp3, correct save location… good title…

STEP 2: Hi-light title
STEP 3: CTRL-C Title
STEP 4: Open id3tag window
STEP 5: Paste in Title
STEP 6: Marvel at the fact that Steiny STILL hasn’t fixed this small, silly bug. Do they not know about it? Ludicrous. Do they not CARE? Maybe. Do they think this is actually normal behavior? ~that cannot be~. Will I keep buying updates? Probably. Maybe. Probably.

STEP 7: Press OK. Press OK.

…Done. next song.

+1 to saving on a per project basis

A firm +1 !