Edit/Import Percussion Maps in Dorico iPad?

I’ve been trying very hard to create a custom drum kit in Dorico for iPad, using a 3rd-party AuV3 sampler app. I’ve hit a wall and need to know:

  1. Is it possible to edit/customize percussion maps in Dorico for iPad?
  2. Is it possible to import already existing percussion maps made in Dorico 5 (into Dorico for iPad)?
  3. Is it possible to import custom drum kits made in Dorico 5 (into Dorico for iPad)


It’s not possible to edit percussion maps in Dorico for iPad: the dialog is not included. Similarly, you cannot import percussion kits in the iPad version. Percussion maps that are included in existing Dorico projects will appear happily in the iPad version, though, so you can choose them in the Endpoint Setup dialog in Play mode. Likewise percussion kits will travel inside a Dorico project created in the desktop and can be used on the iPad.

This is very helpful. I was able to get my custom drum kit, created in Dorico 5, to work nicely in Dorico for iPad. As you suggested, I simply opened the original project file on my iPad.

This seems like a workaround for the time being, but I’m glad that it works. Your help is much appreciated.