Edit In Place - workflow tips?

I’ve been really struggling with migrating from Sonar to Cubase. I flit between the two on a daily basis in a seemingly never-ending quest to find a workflow that works for me. I’m using a Euphonix MC Mix to control midi cc data via Quick Controls.

My latest idea is to try using Edit In Place. The theory goes that I could dispense with the key editor completely, and use EIP instead. The main advantage is that the automation data will then appear right below the midi notes, making editing much easier. The Euphonix cannot successfully merge data with a keyboard’s CC information and treat it as midi cc - merging only works when Automation Data is selected in CC Automation Setup, not midi part, hence exploring EIP as a possible solution. The other advantage of automation lanes is that the Euphonix always chases perfectly.

One thing I like with EIP is that I can set a normal track height (I like v narrow) and when clicking on EIP it can default to a massively expanded track - this is great. However, what I’d REALLY like is a way to make only one EIP expand at a time, to stop 29 massively expanded tracks cluttering up the track view as I’m flying around and forgetting to close them. In the absence of that, a “close all EIP” command would be a great help. I see I can close all selected EIPs but that doesn’t help too much, since most of all of the open tracks wouldn’t be on selected tracks. I guess one solution would be a “select all tracks / close selected EIPs” macro, but I can’t seem to find “select all tracks”?

Another thing that would amazingly useful is EIP is activated if you click on a clip. Again, the ideal would be that each clip exclusively activates EIP, so when you click one on a different track, EIP closes on the original track and opens on the new.

Hopefully someone can follow what I’m trying to do, and either point me in the right direction or suggest an alternative way of doing something similar. Huge thanks.



There’s a preference in Cubase that automatically expands the selected track to a user predefine size, have you tried that already? Maybe that’s what you’re describing in your OP, but I’m bringing it up just in case it isn’t.

Hi Jose, good to see you here! Well, I’d sort of rejected that at a first glance a few weeks ago as I wouldn’t want to expand to edit every track I click on, but you’ve made me look again. I just did a few tests and if I first set every midi track to maximum width and Edit In Place switched on, it looks quite promising with a key-binding to switch selected track on and off. So I’m thinking I might set up the key binding as E - press E to enter Expanded Edit mode, then when I want to do other stuff just press E again.

Now the bad news - the main drawback I can see initially is that it doesn’t handle Automation lanes logically for me - it also expands these and collapses the main track, which isn’t a very workable solution, since the entire point of exploring Edit In Place is that I need to work with automation lanes alongside the midi data to make the Euphonix work properly. I’d want to expand a track and clearly see an automation lane also expanded to a sensible height, and then select which data I’m looking at there. Not sure if this is possible with this arrangement, but don’t think it is…

Nice seeing you too! I didn’t like that option either cause it didn’t seem practical for my way of working, and thus decided not to use it. But I thought maybe it would work for you. Hopefully someone with more time using Cubase can suggest a better alternative. At least we tried :slight_smile:

Take care!

Cheers Jose!

Well, I’m still kinda stuck for a workflow here. Expand Tracks / Edit In Place almost works, but the implementation of the automation lanes kinda kills it, and there’s no way to customize that it seems.

Anyone any other suggestions? Just need a fast workflow to work with midi and multiple automation lanes (can’t use midi data from the Euphonix cos of what appears to be a bug in the CC setup)

Any more ideas? Still kinda stuck - because of a bug in the CC automation setup, I still have to work with midi CCs via EuCon and Quick Controls being treated as automation data, so Edit In Place is still perhaps the best solution - if I can make it work better.




Try this:

  1. Switch on the Enlarge Selected Track from the Cubase Preferences > Editing > project & Mixer.
  2. Set the Vertical Zoom by Vertical Zoom slider. By this, you can set, how big/small will be the small (non-selected) tracks.
  3. When you click to any track, the track automaticky Enlarged, thenks to Preference Settings.

Unfortunately, either you activate Trakc Selection Follows Event Selection, it doesn’t work, in this case. So it’s not possible to select just event. You have to click on the track name.

I looked for solution to very similar problem. I don’t like the MIDI CC view and work in the Key Editor. So, I’m using MIDI CC view as automation in the Project window. In this case, just displaying lines as notes in the Event, is OK for me. In the Preferences (Event Display > MIDI), you can set the Part Data Mode. You can switch No DataúLines/Scores(Drums/Blocks. Maybye, you don’t need to use EIP editor. Maybye you will use Key Editor, and just for automation, you will be watch MIDI data in the Project window. Same, as I did compromise.