Edit In Place

I have C8.5, and just noticed that there are no icons in the MIDI tracks for Edit In Place. All the icons described in the manual are present up to Show Lanes. Then none of the following ones appear. Where are they?

I can go to the MIDI menu, and open Edit In Place that way, it works fine. But, because there’s no icon on the MIDI track, I can’t turn Edit In Place off!! The MIDI menu doesn’t do that, it seems. So how can I get rid of Edit In Place when I’m done?

I’ve checked Preferences, and can’t find anything there related to icons on the tracks, or Edit In Place.
Thanks for any help.
Win7, full C8.5.

Several of these buttons are optional, you have to customize the track controls if you want them to show up.

The key command for edit in-place is Ctrl+Shift+i.
To close the editor, press Ctrl+Shift+i again or press Enter.

The Lower Zone MIDI editor in Cubase 9.5 is more convenient so you’ll probably not use this much if you ever upgrade. I would recommend remembering the shortcut instead of adding this button to your track controls.

Thank you! I’m wondering how to customize the track controls, should I want to include any of the other items shown in the manual…?

Click this little gear icon to the bottom right of the track list:

Cubase includes some track control presets by default. You can pick another one by clicking the bottom left of the track list. (The area where it says “Standard” in my screenshot)

Note that MIDI and Instrument tracks can have different controls.

Thanks for the tip…edit in place is a gem if you know how to get in, get out…again, use the great tip suggested above, and add the icon to your track control presets - then, click on, click off on the icon to open/close edit in place

Wait until you see the Lower Zone in Cubase 9.