"Edit in Wavelab" isnt found


I have Wavelab 7 and the NUENDO is up to date. I dont see the function for editing in Nuendo anywahre.


Interesting, that I should see this now. I was just going to ask about the crossgrade to Cubase for Nuendo users.

I don’t think the “Edit in WaveLab” option is available in Nuendo as yet.

The new features are added to Nuendo after Cubase. I guess they want to fix all the possible bugs before adding on to Nuendo. Further, there might be more things to break in Nuendo so they want to wait to get it right before moving the new stuff over.

… but I’d still like to have the new features as soon as they come out, that’s why I, like many others, would like a crossgrade option for Nuendo users.

Timo? :wink:

what are you talking about? this is a feature listed in the update from 2 weeks ago. its in the PDF.

Nuendo 7.1.20 includes Edit in Wavelab. It was released two weeks ago.

I think you also need WL9 onwards installed, to get this working in all its glory…


Sorry drorh4! thanx, Chris! I missed that eMail. :blush:

I dont think Steinberg declare it must be Wavelab 9

correct me if im wrong.

I don’t have it, but it appears to be a new feature in W9 so will not work with earlier versions.

I still would like to crossgrade from Nuendo to Cubase. Is there a separate thread for this anywhere?

I just downloaded and installed the test version of Wavelab Elements 9, to test this function, but Nuendo does not seem to find Wavelab. Does this only work with the full version?

Hi, …
I would not know, but why don’t you install the full Wavelab Pro 9 Demo just for testing purpose?

Cheers, Big K

I might do that, thanks. But I am not planning to buy a full version of Wavelab. I only consider buying elements. I am mainly interested in the great editing features, which are also in Elements. So I kind of need to know how this works with Elements.

Hello Max Stirner,

the WaveLab Exchange feature is also available in WaveLab Elements. Please make sure you have both Nuendo and WaveLab Elements up to date: You need Nuendo 7.1.20 and WaveLab Elements 9.0.35 for it to work.

Hope this helps!

All the best