Edit in Wavelab Question

I just can’t seem typo figure out how to properly implement the feature. Here’s my example

  1. Event with hum
  2. I select and use the “Edit in Wavelab” command
  3. It opens nicely in Wavelab
  4. In the Master section, I add the Sonnix Denoiser plugin
  5. Set my parameters in the plugin
  6. Track sounds great
  7. Hit the “Trigger Cubase Update” button
  8. Back to Cubase - file sounds the same


I try using the rendering function in Wavelab - the “Trigger Cubase Update” button is now grayed out.

I’m obviously doing something wrong once I’m in Wavelab to send back to Cubase the processed file.

Any advice, greatly appreciated



Between step 6 and 7 did you render in Wavelab? Also when rendering did you render so your file is replaced and not “create a 2nd file?”

Thank you for your reply. Yes, I have tried the render between the steps you selected. I’m guessing that the create a new file was selected. I’m not sure where that option is, so I will look for it tomorrow.

Again, thanks.

The option is in the render section.

As I recall, if you have the Wavelab render set to Create new file, it won’t work. Make sure you make your edits, then render IN PLACE, then trigger cubase update button.

I think you are not necessarily doing something wrong as I have exactly the same problem and nobody has found a solution.

Have a look at this thread:


Where is this “Trigger Cubase Update” button you speak of? Nothing is in the menus that even reads Cubase? I was able to search for the key command and assign a key command but it did nothing which I get is what the issue of this thread is.


I found this today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NiGxEjolBCg&feature=youtu.be&t=349
Trigger Cubase Update.png