Edit Info Line command = open Info Line


i have a keycommand on Edit - Edit Info Line so when i have a region or marker selected i can change it’s description without having to mouse clic then come back to the region i want to edit.
all god but only works if info line is visible. :neutral_face:
If you keycommand “Edit - Edit Info Line” and start to type some text but info line is not visible you will send crazy random keycommands everywhere corresponding to what you were typing !

it would be nice that Edit - Edit Info Line automatically opens the info line.
I can’t have this as a macro doing both open infoline then edit info line because info line visible or not is a toggle.

I have a macro that opens the marker window ready to type in the name of the marker.
So I only have to select a file or a number of files, hit the Key Command and the locators are set in place, a marker is created and ready to type the name.