Edit Instrument Tracks in a group?


I’m mixing a song that I’ve written using Instrument Tracks. I have approximately 20 different drums, that I’d like to edit together (set reverb, delay etc together). I’ve tried to set up a group track, but it does not work for me. How can I achieve this?

Thank you in advance.

What is not working for you with a group track? That’s indeed what you would use to apply single effects to a number of signals.

Tried again and got it working by doing it via sends.

But, I ran into another problem now though. I create a Group Channel Track, and added this Group Channel Track as a send to all the tracks I want to be in the group. But not the sound is double. How can I remove the sound from the individual instrument tracks and let all of it go through the group channel track?

I don’t want to change the sound yet, just want everything through the group channel track so that I can EQ it together.

You don’t want to send to the group, you want to route to it.

yeah if you use sends then the output of the tracks will still be routed to the main output bus so you get a double signal.
Route the output of the tracks to the group channel and you should be set.

Thank your for your replies!

This might be a dumb question, but how do I route the output of Instrument Tracks? I’ve tried google searching but I cannot find the answer to this simple question. All my results are people discussing how to route multiple tracks at once. I’m using PLAY for EastWest if it makes any difference.


Might the answer be in the manual? It’s a good manual.

This is what that looks like in Cubase 6 anyway: (I don’t have 7 and couldn’t find a screenshot quickly)

Click that output (this is the channel settings window, it’s the same for audio and instrument tracks) and change it from main mix or stereo out or whatever your output bus is called to your group track.