Edit instrument transposition

I showed Dorico to a friend and he was very interested. Unfortunately he composes mostly for swiss Alphorn, which is tuned to F sharp. Is there a way to change the transposition of Dorico’s Alphorn from F to F sharp?

I’m afraid not. Does this mean that we’ve got our default alphorn transposition wrong, or that there is another variant of alphorn that is tuned in F#?

I believe all true alphorns are in F#. The may have been considered G instruments when pitch was lower (I really don’t know), but all 20th century repertoire, such as the Daetwyler concerto, is in F#/Gb.

According to Wikipedia Alphorns exist in:
E flat
F Sharp
G Sharp
B flat

The most common ones are F (Germany) and F Sharp (Switzerland)

OK! We will at least add an F sharp alphorn in the next update, then.

Interesting! Is an Alphorn in Dorico represented with the right sounds already (natural third, fourth and seventh)?

No, I’m pretty sure there are no alphorn sounds in HALion Sonic SE or in HALion Symphonic Orchestra, I’m afraid.