Edit Instrument window: key commands

Is there a key command that brings up the Edit Instrument window, or do you have to click on the “e” button in Play mode?

Once you have opened the Edit Instrument window, is there a key command that returns the focus to the main window (without closing the instrument window), or do you have to click in the main window?

I have searched in the list of key commands but couldn’t find these.

It doesn’t look like there is a key command to open the VST.

No, no key command. The VST plug-ins are part of the VST Audio Engine process, which is a different process to Dorico itself. You can switch between open VST windows with a key command (on a Mac - Command ` )

OK, thanks.
EDIT: Cmd-` for switching between VST windows is a great tip, so thanks for that. It wouldn’t be necessary if (like Logic) Dorico could automatically show the VST window for the selected track, but it’s a handy workaround.

Moreover, I’ve found a way to return the focus to the main window without closing the VST window or using the mouse. If you hit Cmd-Tab (thus switching to another app), then hit it again, you switch back to Dorico, but the main window now has focus. Clunky, but better than reaching for the mouse.

Just in case Daniel hasn’t noticed this thread, could I please put in a request for a key command to open the VST window?
EDIT: And also one to open the Endpoint Setup dialog?

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Agreed, short shortcut for ‘open instrument vst’ is a basic requirement. Seems to be a general shortage of key shortcuts once you’re in play mode. I have a stream deck setup for Dorico and it’s annoying to STILL be having to reach for the mouse!!

You don’t. Since 5.1, you can open the vsti instrument selected in write mode(or play or Engrave mode) with a keycommand. John Barron uses F1 and so do I!


Thanks, found it and also used F1.

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