Edit knobs not visible!

I don’t see the edit buttons anymore. Well they are working, but I like them to be seen.
Someone an idea to get it back? I like to buy the 11.0 version. But first I want to solve this problem!


Do you mean the Edit Channel Settings (e) button on the tracks (in the track list)?

Try to click to the Switch Presets/Hide Track Pictures down in the track list and choose the Standard preset, please.

Hello Martin,
Sorry, but

I ment the “solo mute edit” buttons in the mixing console
See my new screen shot.
I was spending times to find out to let it be seen again. But I cannot find it.
Please help.


I see, this is common, when you are using unsupported graphic card.

Oké Martin,
I understand that my on board graphics from Intel is not good enough and I have to solve it with a real graphic card?
Thanks for helping me out.


Some integrated graphic card are working fine. But it seams the you have is not the case.

Maybe you can try to update the driver. It might happen this would help already.

Thanks Martin,
Good idea I will try!
gr. Jacques

What’s your Windows version?
Later Windows versions change the driver update procedure…
you can have automatic driver updates with them… but it’s not a good idea in all situations.

I think my PC is too old now to update driver
my PC windows 10 Intel i7 8 gb ram ssd 500 gb