Edit Lines causes Dorico to crash

(I recommend you to make a backup of your current userlibrary.xml file before reproducing this problem.)

This procedure causes Dorico to crash.

  1. Engrave menu>Line Bodies>create New>click Save as Default>OK.
  2. Engrave menu>Lines>create New>set Body Style to New>click Save as Default>OK.
  3. Engrave menu>Line Bodies>select New>click Save as Default(Change filled star to empty star)>OK.
  4. File menu>New>Engrave mode>Engrave menu>Lines>select New>Dorico crashes.
    Edit Lines causes Dorico to crash

Isn’t it a bug?

Thanks for reporting this. Dorico shouldn’t really let you remove an entity from the library that is used by another item in the library, so we’ll see about tightening this up.

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