Edit LtRt and export again still a LtRt?

I have a LtRt file I gave to a client. He wants to edit (simply cut) the audio & video of the project and then export again. If he does so (and exports each channel individually) will it still be LtRt? Or should he give me the file again for me to export?

It should be fine if he does it Sunshy. Lt Rt is an analog decode.

Yay! Thank you.


let your client make sure, that the LtRt is imported and then panned correctly inside the edit-software!!
I had several cases, where (in Final Cut) the LtRt was just imported, but both channels were panned to the mid, so the mix was crashed after export.


You can edit (cut, slice and dice) the LtRt just fine.
But if you start to do compression, EQ, other filters, pan etc. the LtRt matrix is ruined.