Edit MIDI from scratch, starting from empty

Question: is there any way to edit a MIDI track starting from scratch, without using a MIDI keyboard?

I’m using Cubase Essential 4. I bought it long time ago and never used it I’m planning to upgrade, but first I wanna try to do something with it).

I wanted to start programming some rhythm, and I wanted to do it drum-machine-style, inserting notes by hand instead of playing a keyboard.
But I can’t find a way to do that, because the drum editor (or any other editor) won’t open an empty track.
Of course I could record some random notes with my keyboard and then edit the resulting track, but this seems an unnecessarily complicated method to me.
Is there anyway to edit an empty track?

Maybe there is a simple answer, but I’m just starting and haven’t found anything on the manuals and forums.


Take your pencil and draw an event on the track.
Double click it and add notes with a pencil.

It was so simple! :slight_smile: