Edit MIDI track at current location?

If I record a segment on an instrument/MIDI track for a duration of 1 minute. My cursor is at 0:55 and I want to edit the last notes I recorded, so I double-click on the MIDI segment to launch the MIDI editor window. The problem is that it always go to the beginning of the MIDI segment instead of where my cursor is currently at. So I have to scroll all the way back to the end every single time I double-click on a MIDI segment.

Is there a way to get the editor to show me where my cursor is instead of the beginning? It’s quite an annoyance having to scroll back to my cursor every single time I want to edit notes/CC manually.

The only workaround I’ve found is to press Play, then Stop. The editor view will then scroll to my cursor. Am I overlooking something?


In my case the editor is always opened at the current cursor
position. I had a look at my preferences, but didn’t find anything.