Edit Midi whilst Recording Audio??

Hi all Cubase lovers!!
I’ll get straight to the point by asking you to imagine a simple project scenario.

There is one midi channel and two stereo audio channels. I have an external drum machine and an external synth, and the midi sync is set up so that when I press record the drum machine starts playing its sequence. All three channels are selected, but record is disabled on the midi channel to start with. The recording area is set to a 4 bar loop. Audio channel 1 records anything I play on the synth. Audio channel 2 records the drum machine.

At some point I decide to enable midi recording and I play a 4 bar phrase (a bass line) into the synth to free up my hands. Obviously the midi channel now keeps playing this on a loop, and even whilst recording is ongoing I can still mute the midi channel so that the bass line comes in and out. That’s great.

But what I want to do is to be able to open the midi editor and go and edit that bass line whilst the audio is still being recorded. And also delete the midi event itself so I can start from scratch if I want to generate a completely new bass line. Is this possible? If not, I am sure you can imagine the benefits of having the ability to be able to do this with even more external devices in a live situation. If it is… please let me know!! I can’t find it anywhere :slight_smile: