Edit mode cursor in 10.3

I switch in and out of edit mode a lot and before 10.3, when in edit mode, the cursor would only disply on the ruler at the top of the window not acros the whole project window. In 10.3 that behaviour is gone so the cursor displays across the whole window regardless. Is there any way to get the old behaviour back as there appears to be no other indication as to whether you are in edit mode or not and thats completly stuffing up my work flow.


I prefer the line of cursor remains when edit mode engaged, but it should change color for example to difference with standard cursor mode.

Guys, come on - for ages ppl asked to fix the invisible cursor (intendeed bug) in edit mode!
Pls don’t screw it up again!

There is really no need what so ever to have a invisible cursor. Please stop it!
Thanks :slight_smile: !!


Options are fine, but I prefer to see the cursor.

I personally love the fact that the cursor stays visible when in “Video Follows Edit Mode” , finally!
Though: a visual confirmation that the option has been switched on or off might be very welcome.

To my opinion it’s quite surprising that the developers @ Steinberg didn’t think of it themselves?
Anyway; the first step has been taken, after allllllllllllllllll these years! :smiley:

Niek/ Amsterdam.

I agree having the visable cursor is better than not but there still needs to be some indication as to whether edit mode it on or not. Its getting quite tedious having to click on something to see if the cursor jumps or not to know whether I am still in edit mode, I am generally working too fast to keep a constant mental note of it.


So basicallly you are not asking to get the old behaviour back, but rather for a visible indication of the mode you are working in.
Do you have a midi controller with programmable lights? A lot of the cheap AKAI stuff can do this, I believe.
Maybe you could solve this with a macro that toggles edit mode and the light status of the external midi controller? I have not used Nuendo for a while and do not know if a combination of generic control and the macro engine can be used to get this done, but if you are on mac I am quite sure that this could be solved with keyboard maestro that can automate midi and keystrokes.
I personally think that it is wonderful that this has finally been adressed, I asked for it since version 3. (but have since switched to PTHD where it has always been working as expected). I really think that Steinberg is doing the right thing here, to start to sort the small things out. I also noticed the new smart tool that is another step in the right direction.