Edit mode to video - can I change it so it follows the end of the clip?

Edit mode to video is so incredibly welcome after a few years composing on Cubase without it! I’m wondering if there’s a way to temporarily shift it so that video follows the end of the clip you’re moving, instead of the beginning of it? This would be so very highly useful.

You can set a sync point to wherever You want in your file, even at the end, but not in any other way AFAIK

Cool, thanks. The sync point approach is too time consuming to do for every time I need this function, but will need to be the band-aid.

I think this would be a great thing to add and would be useful for everyone.

You could make a macro. Not in front of my DAW but: Select audio event, then…

Locators to Selection
2 (on number pad or go to right locator–or end of audio event)
Set snap point to cursor

So you could do this with one key stroke.