Edit mode WL6/WL7

Two problems in “edit mode” moving from WL6 to WL7

  1. WL6 edit mode gives the equivalent of ‘navigator’ in WL7- i.e. a snapshot of all tracks; in WL6 hovering the cursor over a clip gives a drop-down that identifies the clip. Very useful for moving around quickly. Navigator in WL7 doesn’t seem to have the drop-down. Is there one?
  2. WL6 edit mode/select allows you to e.g. “select all clips to right of cursor”- also very useful (to me)- I sometimes need to split an arrangement and render two half-versions. I can’t figure out how to do this in WL7.

Thanks for any help…


  1. I don’t see what you mean. Maybe give a screenshot.

  2. This can be found in the “Clips” tool window, “Select” menu.

wl6 shot.png
Screenshot attached of WL6. See “jon phillips mono” that pops up when I hover the cursor over that clip. Can’t seem to get that with WL7

Thanks for solving problem #2. Works fine…


This feature is not in 7, indeed. Hopefully it will be put back in.