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Why is edit mode still a Nuendo only feature. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Every other DAWs on the market have that feature. I score to picture all the time but we dont all work for Hollywood’s big productions. I’m hardly making a living out of corporate gigs and short films. I can’t afford or need all the features that Nuendo offers but being able to move a midi note or an audio clip that follows video frames is a standard feature everywhere else so why is it still missing here. Is Cubase just not good enough for such a simple feature?

I’m a 4 months Cubase 8.5 user and I thought I would love Cubase but and I’m never upgrading or paying another dime to Steinberg if you can’t include such a basic feature. When I bought it, it never occurred to me that such an obvious feature could be missing in a DAW as complete as Cubase is or I would have never made the leap.

Please include this in the next update. I’m already searching for an alternative DAW. Stop taking us for fools. Nuendo is way too expensive for the common working composer. You’re giving me no choice but to look elsewhere.


Or at least a “Cursor follows Selection” option as a minimum, but full Edit Mode is of course preferable.


The feature was available until 7.5.0 via a remote control. Get yourself 7.5 here: http://download.steinberg.net/downloads_software/Cubase_7_and_Cubase_Artist_7/7.5.0/PC/Cubase_7.5_Full_Installer_win.zip
Install, don’t update it, stay with 7.5.0, and assign any remote control to ‘edit mode’. They removed the function because it was included by error. GN wrote over at gearslutz that it will stay a nuendo only feature. That’s a shame.

ahh btw: +3 hehe

It´s a wonderful feature, I use it 24/7 in: Nuendo!
So: + 1

It should not be a Nuendo exclusive. Even Ableton Live has that feature and it’s even better implemented than Nuendo’s edit mode. Even tho Ableton Live is definitively not a DAW aimed at film scoring.

It’s nothing to be so proud about as to put that feature in Nuendo only. It’s basic functionality. Still drives me crazy.




that´s right!



+1 I’m a TV composer, not a post production audio specialist … this is a basic function that should be included in a music DAW.


Curious… I don’t know Ableton; but if you have a minute, how so…?

In Ableton, it’s not a mode that you turn on or off like the edit mode. It’s simply integrated into the workflow. If you move a midi note or an event, the video playback will follow whatever selection. This is great for sound design but an absolute must for Mickey Mousing. Big Cubase fail there. I would understand not including “Edit Mode” in the Elements or even Artist but there is no reason not to include this in the Pro version as Mickey Mousing is done by the composer and not in post-production.

interesting… thanks. I have heard how much Nuendo folk love their ‘Edit’ mode. New ideas/improvements are always good… :slight_smile:

(forgive my ignorance - what do you mean with ‘Mickey Mousing’…? Is there a YouTube video…? :smiley:)

“mickey mousing” is when music is strongly underlining the action by being synchronized to it. Mostly done in cartoons and comedies.

Very well explained here :


Thanks - great vid.! And plenty of others there too… :slight_smile: