Edit more message types in the MIDI editor

Hopefully a small request, can we have the ability to edit Pitch Bend messages in the MIDI editor like we can CCs, Velocity and Sysex? Or

For completeness it would be great to be able to edit Note Off Velocity and Channel Pressure (Mono Aftertouch) in this way too.

Alternatively, an Event List view (like the one in Cubase) where you can edit the raw MIDI messages would also be really useful - and possibly easier to implement than adding support for editing 14 bit messages to the current graph which only does 7 bit?

Edit/MIDI List Editor (a MIDI event needs to be selected).

Ah thanks! I didn’t know that was there. That’ll do the job for now.

Also find the extended features in MIDI track bottom editor lane from v1.3.18 :sunglasses: it looks lovely now!