Edit Names in Dorino


I can’t find a way adding two or three players to one instrument staff. (In setup mode, not voicing)
For Example, I want to have 4 Horns in F divided to two groups/staves, Horns 1,2 + Horns 3,4.

When just changing with “edit name” the title doesn’t work well typographically and shows as in the screenshot attached.

Also, I guess it wouldnt be completely satisfying just to have the names written nicely but better to have the full score layout and individual layout be accurate too:)

This is also a problem if I wish to add 3 Trumpets in Bb to be notated on the same staff (on full score layout). and so on…
I would like to have a full score/page layout with less instruments devisions when possible.

I might be something fundamental on this one, I am a new user, and I would greatly appreciate any advice or recommended approach to this issue in Dorico.

Thank you!

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 8.03.01 PM.png

I have the same question, Tamar. I haven’t been able to find an adequate solution yet.

I’m also hoping that we’ll have the ability to choose how brackets are assigned to instrument groups, rather than relying on the automated choice.

The Dorico concept is players playing instruments. To have these players notated in various ways through a score, e.g. sometimes 4 horns on a single staff, sometimes 2+2 on two staves, sometimes on 4 separate staves, with proper name handling, has been a much requested feature. As I understand it, the internal architecture of Dorico is prepared to handle this, but the functionality has not been implemented yet.

Hi, a bit late to the party here but one workaround I’ve found that’ll work until we get another update (I do believe this will be included in a future update). In setup mode, you click on the arrow next to the instrument name to open a drop menu that will display the instrument name again in a small blue box. After that, when you hover over the blue box with the name in it, another arrow appears - click this and click edit names. After this you would type in something like “Horn in F 1,2” or whatever way of writing that that suits your tastes and adjust the abbreviated version accordingly.